1.1 – The Professor’s Reality Travel Training Lesson: What is Reality Travel?

“Everyone is different,” The Professor said. Then he started writing on the board a Great List of Differences.

Sexual Orientation
Years Alive
Understandings of the Universe
Past Wounds
Future Dreams
Amounts of Money
Opinions on Differences

And more...!

“Everyone is so different,” he said. “Your family is different from your friends. Your lovers are different from your coworkers. Your professor is different from your classmates. And you are different from everyone you’ve ever met. Everyone is so different from you it’s like they’re each their own Reality.

“It’s easy to be afraid of the differences. It seems like they might hurt you. You’ve heard of differences actually killing other Realities before, and you don’t want that to happen to you.

“Some Realities’ solution is for all other Realities to be exactly like them. We call them The MeNotzies, because whenever a difference comes up they always go, “Not Me!” Then they try to Dominate with things like ridicule or force, and if a Reality resists the MeNotizie may even go to War with them. War can destroy Realities forever, and it’s the worst thing that can possibly happen.

“The Gods have created The World and all its Realities. They like what they’ve made and don’t want all of it destroyed. So they’ve Called Upon certain Realities to counter the MeNotzies. We call them Reality Travelers because they are meant to Travel to all Realities, accept their differences, and focus on their similarities.  Whenever a similarity comes up a Reality Traveler must always go, “Me Too!”

“The differences between Realities can seem many and great, but in truth we are actually more the same than we are different. Any Reality can be MeToo’d about something, and Realities who MeToo do not go to War with eachother.

“If you are in this classroom right now then you are one of these Reality Travelers. But if anyone here thinks this will be easy, you’re wrong. Reality Travelers get their asses kicked all the time. Many Realities will seem impossible to MeToo, you’ll appear crazy and stupid to them, and you won’t be appreciated for your efforts. There are MeNotzies everywhere who believe their Reality is The One True Reality. They especially hate Reality Travelers and will go out of their way to kick your ass. But perhaps most dangerous will be the ass kicking from within by all the Reality Travel Boobytraps like TimeWarps, RealityFucks, Big Doubt and more. You’ll feel confusion and loneliness. You will feel pain. You will get harmed, be expected to heal yourself, and continue The Travels only to be harmed again. Some of you may even die for Reality Travel. If you don’t feel 100% Called Upon by The Gods to be here right now and accept all these sacrifices, then I suggest you leave The Training right now.”