1.3 – Track #9 of The Great Trip Mix – Journey’s “Faithfully”

I first learned about the Great List of Old Songs from Mom. When I was a kid she would drive me to places like The Mall and play The Hits Station on The Radio. Songs would come on and if one was good enough Mom would go, “ooh, this is a catchy one,” and then sing along. She especially liked the Hits by singers with high and powerful voices. One time one came on, and Mom said, “This is Journey. Their singer, Steve Perry, has the highest and most powerful voice in all of music.”

It was “Faithfully.”

“Faithfully” is a song about being full of Faith. And Faith is about believing in something no matter what. Like Journey was a band of MusicMen Travelers who were always on The Road playing songs that could MeToo far off and exciting new Realities. And when their Lovers were left at home, they worried that Journey might find new and better Lovers. But Journey reminded them that they were SoulMates in True Love and this meant they could believe no matter what that they’d be forever their’s, faithfully.

The song opens with the piano, and soon the high and powerful voice of Steve Perry comes in. Then the high and powerful drums and electric guitar join them, but Steve Perry’s voice is still the highest and most powerful thing. Throughout the song they keep building the intensity and somehow Steve Perry goes to a whole new level of high and powerful, and by the end he’s singing the word “Faithfully” over and over in the most high and powerful notes ever sung in a song. And it makes you think no one has ever meant that word more than this person does right now. You feel great for their reassured Lovers, and it makes you want someone to Love you like that, too.

“It’s making me shiver,” I told Mom.

“MeToo,” she said. “When a song is good enough and the singer is high and powerful enough, the music comes inside your body. You’ll feel a cold surge under your skin, and then your hairs will stand up, and you’ll start to gently shake. It’s called The Chills, and it’s The Goal of Music.”

“How does he sing so high and powerful?”

“Some people just have a God-Given Talent.”

Then I imagined there was a Goddess of Music who would go to hospitals and touch certain newborn babies, and they’d suddenly get musical superpowers. And then I thought how great it would feel if I were one of those babies.