1.7 – Track #2 of The Great Trip Mix – The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun”

The Great List of Old Songs was started by The Beatles.

The Beatles were a RockNRoll band, from the far off and exciting Realities of England, about making such good songs that they became the Leaders of The 1960’s Golden Age of Reality Travel.

The 1960’s Golden Age of Reality Travel was an era about having more Reality Travelers at one time than ever before. During the 1940’s The Great MeNotzie Army went to War with Every Other Reality in The World. The MeNotzies were eventually defeated, but not before many Realities got completely destroyed forever. The Gods hated it bad, and in response they Called Upon millions of Reality Traveler babies to balance things out. By the 1960s, the babies had grown up and started creating new and effective MeToo inventions like the BirthControl Pill, Acid Perception, and most importantly RockNRoll. And with them they were able to stop many old Reality Wars like White Realities vs. Black Realities, Men Realities vs. Women Realities, Democracy Realities vs. Communism Realities, and Repressed Realities vs. Sex Realities.

Few remember what music was like before The Beatles came along. It’s assumed there were songs, and they could’ve been alright, but the Beatles were the ones who invented all the most important things in music like high and powerful vocals, the four person band, harmony, the guitar lick, going on The Road, long hair, screaming fans, and songs that can change The World. My favorite invention by the Beatles is songs about everything being alright, like “Here Comes the Sun.”

“Here Comes the Sun,” is a song about it being cloudy for a long time but then the sun finally coming out. While it was dark everyone felt like everything was all wrong, but when it got light out again everything was alright.

Every time the Beatles say “It’s alright” in the song, it makes you suddenly feel alright too, even if the biggest, darkest, coldest, graymean cloud is all over you. And because of things like this, every band that came before The Beatles were suddenly never played on The Radio ever again, and every band that came after them sort of sounded just like them. Songs like “Here Comes the Sun” could MeToo people so much better than ever before that it erased whatever The Old List of Great Old Songs was and it started a whole new one.