1.9 – Track #3 of The Great Trip Mix – Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”

Bob Dylan is a MusicMan Traveler who MeToos via songs about important things.

I didn’t know much about him at first cuz his voice was neither high nor powerful enough to be on the Hits Radio Station my mom listened to. But I studied him during The Training and found out he was almost as important to the Great List of Old Songs as The Beatles. Before him songs were only about things like wanting to be in Love and falling in Love and being in Love and falling out of Love. Even the Beatles’ songs were like that at first. There’s nothing wrong with songs about Love, but Bob Dylan decided his songs hadta try to put an end to some important Reality Wars, so they were about things like Civil Rights and the A-Bomb and Tambourine Men. A lot of the songs are even about Reality Travel like “Forever Young.”

“Forever Young” is a song about hoping a Reality Traveler never becomes an Adult. It’s easy for a Reality Traveler to Travel when they’re a Kid, but when they get older they can be tempted to get a career and a marriage and children and a great TV and then only end up Traveling to the same Realities every day and never MeTooing anyone new. It happened to a lot of The Golden Age Travelers, and it even happened to Bob Dylan himself for awhile before he snapped out of it. Eventually there weren’t enough Travelers anymore to stop the old Reality Wars, and by the 70s it was almost as if The Golden Age had never even happened. Dylan knew staying Forever Young is as important as all your wishes coming true and your heart always being joyful and you being able to build a ladder to the sky.