1.10 – Making the Great Trip Mix

“Woo yeah!” BigFoot said. “I like ‘Forever Young.’ I like Bob Dylan. I like that “Maggie’s Farm” song, too.

“Maggie’s Farm” is a song about a Reality Traveler who quits working on a farm cuz everyone there are MeNotzies who interfere too much with Reality Travel.

“That’s me. I’m working at Maggie’s Landscaping right now!”

“Yeah and you can’t work there no mo,” I said.

“You’re right. I gotta quit!”

“Yay, then you can go to The Wedding with me!”

Then I told him all about the nature of The Great Trip, and BigFoot got excited and messed up his hair again and opened up his mouth wide again and started adding in his own ideas.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said, “and we gotta stop along the way at my hometown in The Wilderness and see my family and all my old favorite spots like the trees and the ice cream stand and the sleazy adult bookstore. And we also gotta make sure the car is stocked with alotta snacks, and we gotta put together all the best songs we know and call it The Great Trip Mix and play it over and over and Rock Out the whole way! Woo Yeah!”


There was no time to lose, and we rushed back to The Shadows of The Forest so BigFoot could grab a few things while I made a Great Trip Mix. An out-of-nowhere Chill came over me, and suddenly my mind was sharp, and I easily came up with 18 tracks from The Great List of Old Songs that I felt like we might need at some point on The Trip. I put them all together and there was even enough room for one more bonus track.

Meanwhile, BigFoot was calling up his parents to let them know we’d be stopping by. I overheard some of the conversation and noticed he was getting less and less excited as it went on. At first he was saying things like “I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s Landscaping no mo!” But then he was saying things like “but, Mom…” and then he was just saying things like “fine” and “I know.”

After the call BigFoot let out a sad, lonely whine.

“I can’t go,” he said.

“But BigFoot,” I said, “I’ve just created the perfect mix.”

“Maybe my parents are making sense. Someone has to pay for my home. Can’t just be a bum.”

“Reality Travelers are bums, tho.”

“Maybe the job isn’t so bad. At least it’s outside.”

“But what about ‘Forever Young’ and ‘Maggie’s Farm?”

“Just hafta go on the next Great Trip.”

“That’s what all the Adults say.”

But BigFoot barely put up a fight, instead he just yawned and lay down on his bed and curled up into a ball.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“Work makes me tired,” he said.

Then he yawned again and closed his eyes and I hadta shake him to try to get his attention.

“BigFoot! C’mon man… I can’t do the Great Trip alone.”

But BigFoot couldn’t hear me cuz he was so tired.