2.1 – Rocking Out

I left late at night and wasn’t going to sleep til I got to my parents’ Reality in Ohio Industrial City (Rubber) Suburbs. I pointed the car east towards The Plains and soon got on Road-80, which would take me all the way there. By the time I was in Nebraska there were no other cars out there, and it was like my very own Road, so I put on The Mix and Rocked Out.

Rocking Out is about listening to music and letting your body do anything it feels like. This may include singing along really loudly, bobbing head and shoulders, tapping fingers or fists on a nearby surface like it’s a drum, pretending you’re playing an invisible guitar, rolling down all the car windows to let in the hard blowing wind while wildly waving your arms and exclaiming to The Gods, “Yaaah!,” and many other things that give yourself The Chills.

I’d learned Rocking Out is hard to do around other Realities. Many have strict rules about letting your body do anything it feels like, and when they see someone suddenly flailing all their parts around they become nervous MeNotzies. They might give you a look that says, “embarrassing,” and then you won’t want to Rock Out anymore. But all alone on that Nebraska Road there was no other Reality to stop me.

I started with all my main moves, especially screaming with the window down. The night air was chilly, but I was feeling an inner-warmth, and soon I started experimenting with bold new moves like The Kick, The Air Keyboard, and Head-out-of-Window. For Head-out-of-Window I hadta wait for a moment when the Road got really straight and empty. Then I put Wings on cruise control and climbed thru the window so my head and shoulders were totally outside. The wind pushed back hard, but it did not knock me out, and the car did not swerve. I couldn’t even hear the music anymore, but it didn’t matter. I felt powerful like a fighter pilot flying into battle, and it made me scream “Ahhh!” for as long as I could, and it gave me The Chills real bad.

“I love Alone Reality!” I said.