2.11 – Goldfinch

After it got light outside I was suddenly surrounded by lots of cars and trucks with Adult Realities going to their jobs.  Some of the trucks in front of me were going way too slow, and I had to go into the other lane to pass them.  And then some of the cars behind me were going way too fast, and they got right up behind me like we were almost touching, and I hadta go into the other lane so they could pass me.  It was all bugging me, and I wished it was still the middle of the night in TheMiddle-of-Nebraska.  Then suddenly I saw a car with a “The Gods are on your side!” bumper sticker.

“Did you see that Wings?” I said.  “That could be a Reality Traveler car!”

I quickly got in the other lane and pulled up beside them to get a better look.  It was a shiny sun-yellow sports car, and there was a pretty girl driving it, and her hair was sparkly like treasure, and it seemed like she should be called The GoldFinch.  She drove well at a speedy pace, weaving around the slow trucks with quick, effortless lane changes.  I tried to keep up closely cuz I had the feeling we’d make a perfect Reality Traveler Team.  We would Travel to exciting New Realities by day and be in Love with each other by night.  Sometimes I’d drive and sometimes she’d drive.  She’d Love every song I Loved.  We would MeToo everyone in Iowa and still make it to Ohio by the end of the day.  She’d definitely be my date to The Wedding.

I decided to follow her wherever she went even if it was off the Road.  When she stopped I would stop too and explain the whole situation to her.  It wouldn’t be that hard.  She wouldn’t be creeped out.  Another Reality Traveler would understand.

At the next exit her turn signal went on, and she made a flawless high speed maneuver onto the off ramp.  I only had a split second to react, and I used that moment to think.  I thought about how maybe the “The Gods..” bumper sticker could be some kind of misunderstanding, like maybe it was accidentally the same motto as a powerful Iowa MeNotzie religious group.  I thought about how it was very possible she’d never heard of Reality Travel at all, and if I tried to talk to her she would roll her eyes and sting me like the golden haired bumblebee she actually was.  All the thinking made me drive right past the exit.

“Dammit,” I said.  “She’s lost forever now.”