3.1 – Track #11 of The Great Trip Mix – The Pretenders’ “My City was Gone”

The Pretenders’ “My City was Gone” is a song about going back to Ohio.

Ohio is a state about Industrial Cities. A long time ago the car was invented in Detroit, Michigan, and all the cities nearby had to become Industrial Cities to help make them. Each city made one part of the car. Like Industrial City (Steel) made the body; Industrial City (Glass) made the windows, Industrial City (Oil) made the gasoline, and Industrial City (Rubber) made the tires. The cities made a lot of money, and they used it to build Downtowns with factories and offices and houses and shops. It was like this for a long time, but then they decided they didn’t need to make parts so close to Detroit anymore and started making them in far off and unexciting cities where they could save money. This made the Downtowns of all the old Industrial Cities unused and rotten. Only desperate poor people stayed, and everyone else escaped to the outside edges known as The Suburbs.

The leader of The Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde, is a Reality Traveler who grew up in Ohio Industrial City (Rubber) just like me. When she received The Calling, she Traveled to the far off and exciting Realities of London, England and vowed not to return until she had become a Great MusicWoman Traveler who could properly MeToo Ohio with RockNRoll Hits. It took years to pay her Traveler Dues, and when her dream finally came true she returned home to find her Past Realities had changed so much it was like the old city was gone and replaced by a totally new city. All her favorite Downtown places were gone and her family’s home was gone and the farms in the Suburbs were gone and replaced by parking lots and The Mall. It TimeFucked her so bad all she could do was lay down in bed and moan “Ay-oh, where’d you go, Ohio?”