4.2 – The Professor’s Training Lesson: Domination

“Beware of Domination,” The Professor said. “Domination is whenever a MeNotzie tries to force you to do something you know is not Right for your Reality. This can take many forms such as ridicule, argument, seduction, intimidation, or physical violence.

You may be tempted out of fear, shame, or MeToo Desperation to give in to The Domination. This may satisfy the MeNotzie, but the MeToo will not be genuine and it won’t count.

You may also be tempted to boldly resist, Fight Fire with Fire, and put the MeNotzie down. But this will only make the MeNotzie more impossible MeToo, and it might even lead to War.”

“When confronted with MeNotzie Domination, it is recommended a Reality Traveler use the two-step strategy known as Always Be Your Own Reality & Roll with the Punches. First you should never do anything that doesn’t feel Right for your Reality. Then you must accept any possible MeNotzie reaction to this. Even if the MeNotzie decides to use their arms and fists to punch your body, you must roll with them, continue to Be Your Own Reality, and not punch back. The MeNotzie may then go away or may punch even more, but just possibly they may end up MeTooing your Reality. And there is nothing sweeter than a genuine MeNotzie MeToo.