5.2 – The Professor’s Reality Travel Training Lesson: Traveler Pride

“Beware of Traveler Pride,” The Professor said. “You have been chosen by The Gods to be Reality Travelers, but most Realities have not. Their lives seem to have no highstakes adventures, no Guardian Angels, and no getting their asses kicked for the worthy cause of preventing War. In fact they don’t seem like they’ve been chosen to do anything at all. They don’t seem like they know how the Universe works or even that The Gods exist.

It is natural for you to feel superior to them. You might even feel the urge to put them down and only be around other Travelers. This is known as Traveler Pride. But thinking this way makes you a MeNotzie.

To avoid this you have to understand that Reality Travelers aren’t that awesome, and you’re more like the other Realities than you think. You have to remember that every Reality matters, and the one you don’t try to MeToo is the one who might go to War with you later. Whenever you feel Traveler Pride you must tell yourself The Humility Mantra…