6.2 – The Professor’s Reality Travel Training Lesson: New Realities

“Beware of New Realities,” The Professor said. “A New Reality is a Reality you have never met before. They will most likely be a total mystery to you, and you will not know if they’re a fellow Reality Traveler, a MeNotzie looking to go to War with the next Reality they encounter, or something in between. New Realities are so unpredictable, it’s tempting to avoid them all together in favor of Alone Reality, other Reality Travelers, and Past Realities you’re certain you’ll MeToo. But New Realities are The Heart of Reality Travel, and even tho they potentially may kick your ass worse than anything, ignoring them deprives The World of precious MeToos. Therefore, a Reality Traveler must Travel to as many New Realities as possible.

When engaging a New Reality it is best to use The New Reality Sequence…

  • Introduce your Reality. Greet them, tell them your name, ask their name, and then shake their hand.
  • Ask them questions about their Reality. Start with basic questions like where they are from. Then proceed to more advanced questions like what are their interests.
  • Be open to their Reality. If something comes up which you MeNot, don’t be a MeNotzie about it. Accept the differences.
  • MeToo their Reality. Look for every opportunity to say “MeToo!”
  • Tell them about your Reality. Be Your Own Reality no matter what and hope they MeToo you back.