7.9 – Wolf&WildFuckingTurkey

“WildFuckingTurkey,” Wolf said, “was my best friend when we were kids.  He was known as Little Turkey back then because he was the littlest one in our class. And I, believe it or not, before eventually growing into this lean and muscular wolf body was the fattest one. The taller and skinnier kids would always be MeNotzies to us, and we decided it was best to team up and become a pack. We knew the MeNotzies were always playing outdoors, so we would avoid them by staying indoors, where we would draw pictures of what we called The Fantasy.

We had created a fictional World, in which Evil Monsters were always trying to take over.  The only ones who could protect it were an order of heroes known as The World Wanderers.  Little Turkey and I were, of course, official members, and we had powerful weapons such as The Big Sword, The SuperBomb, and The Rice Ray (which could turn anything into rice for ten minutes) and allies such as The Animals and The Magical Fairies.  The battles were always close, but in the end we’d always win and save The World.

Right before HighSchool Little Turkey’s family moved to California.  He was my only friend, and I was very lonely after that.  At first we still sent each other pictures for new installments of The Fantasy every week, but eventually I discovered Perceptionism and Reality Travel and didn’t stay indoors and draw anymore.  I’d still talk to Little Turkey every so often, but each time he would talk more and more about things like bars and bartending and bar hags and bar brawls.  He ended up becoming WildFuckingTurkey, and The Fantasy was over.