8.2 – The Professor’s Reality Travel Training Lesson: War

“Beware of War,” The Professor said.  “There are times when a MeNotzie will try to Dominate another MeNotzie.  Neither will want to get Dominated, and if they’re evenly matched they’ll look for ways to gain the upper hand.  They may start with words but then turn to harming each other’s bodies.  If still neither has an advantage,they may try to build an Army of other Realities against each other.  And then if they still cannot Dominate the other, they will use weapons to try and eliminate the other Reality forever.  This is War, and it’s what you have been Called Upon by The Gods to stop.

You may believe as a Reality Traveler you are the furthest thing possible from a MeNotzie.  It may seem like you’re above that, you’d never stoop to that level, and others would because The Gods just made them from a different Other World material than you.  But I have a surprise for you…

Every Reality is a MeNotzie sometimes, even Reality Travelers.

There will be moments when another Reality seems so different, so wrong, and so dangerous that everything inside you will beg you to Dominate them, but you have to resist this urge at all costs.  War is a nearly unforgivable hypocrisy and the worst thing a Reality Traveler can possibly do.  When you find yourself on the Brink of War, there is really only one thing you can do. You must say The Eleventh Hour MeToo – I am being a MeNotzie too. And then hopefully all sides will be able to cool down.

Now we must all take The Reality Traveler Vow.  Repeat after me…

I will never start a War.

I will never participate in a War.

I will never advocate a War.

I will always do everything in my power short of War to stop a War.”


Then everyone in the class repeated The Vow.