8.16 – Retreat 

“What the fuck?!” TheGeneral&TheAdmiral said.

But before they knew what was happening, I just shoved them out of the way and started running.  I ran thru the living room and out the front door and down the stairs and out the building door until I got to Wings.  I dug my keys out and started the engine and squealed the tires as I backed out and sped away.  I didn’t look back, and I was crying the whole time.

When I got back to The Smaller Nest all the doors were locked, and I didn’t have a key.  I had to ring the doorbell a bunch of times, and then Dad finally answered in his underwear, and he looked like he didn’t want to be awake.

“You’re coming home late,” he said.

“I gotta throw up,” was all I could say.

Then I went straight to the bathroom, and everything was spinning, and everything in my stomach wanted to come out, and I pushed as much of it as I could into the toilet in huge bursts.  I couldn’t stand up anymore and hadta just lie there on the floor close to the bowl so I could throw up into it when I needed.  Dad came in to check on me.

“What happened?” he asked.

“War,” I said but I was too sick to explain much else.

“Is that a Reality Travel term?”

“I’m not sure Reality Travel’s even real anymore.”

“Our minds can create powerful stories that seem very real,” Dad said.  “They try to protect us by covering up the painful past Wounds on our Spirit.”

“Maybe my mind did do that.”

“But you can Awaken and see the truth like you are now.  You can choose to let go of the story and face the Wounds and then Forgive others and yourself for them.”

All I could do was throw up again.

“Remember this feeling,” Dad said.  “You don’t have to harm others or yourself like this again.”

“I won’t,” I said.  “I’m not Reality Traveling anymore.”