9.5 – My New Adult Life

When it was time to hit the Road again I tried to do it as Adult as possible, throwing all the trash out of Wings and vacuuming up the crumbs and dirt on the seats and floors.  Mom gave me a cooler with sandwiches and snacks and Dr. Pepper, and Dad helped me figure out a new route on Road-70 instead of Road-80 so it would be like a whole new trip.  The only thing missing was my Great Trip Mix, which was a casualty of the War at The Barracks, but I figured it would kinda just remind me of Reality Travel anyway, and maybe I wouldn’t even like it anymore.  I said goodbye to Mom&Dad, pulled out on the street, and immediately started to think about My New Adult Life.

First I would only go back to Colorado to get my stuff and tell The Pizza Boss in person that I wasn’t going to work there anymore.  I wouldn’t tell Wolf or any other “Reality Travelers” what I was doing, cuz they wouldn’t understand.

Then I would drive back to Ohio Industrial City (Rubber) Suburbs, move in with Mom&Dad, and pick up right where I left off before I met La Renarde.  I wouldn’t get a job in the Rubber or War industries cuz I didn’t want to see TheGeneral&TheAdmiral or La Renarde again, but I started to think it might be pretty nice to start working at The Bank as a Banker.

I’d been counting things my whole life, and it didn’t seem like it would kick my ass that much, even at the beginning when I was an Amateur.  I’d take it very seriously and work hard, and soon I’d be an Expert, and they’d give me promotions, and I would get more money.

Eventually I’d be making as much as Dad, and I’d buy the Bigger Nest back, or maybe even one bigger than that. The Nice-Banker-Who-Counted-My-Shoebox and I would fall in Love, and she’d live in The Nest with me, and we’d have kids, and we’d never hafta Travel anywhere.  The kids wouldn’t hafta learn to ride bikes, and they could just play Stuffed Animal War as much as they wanted, and the whole family would watch TV together at night.  No one would get their ass kicked ever, and it would be the most alright we’d ever felt.