9.7 – Track #13 Of The Great Trip Mix: Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”

For Reality Travel Training Graduation The Professor took all of us to TheMountains at the same spot where we learned to summon our Guardian Angels.  It was just for the Travelers who were Graduating, and no parents or relatives or friends were allowed to come.

At the edge of the windy canyon The Professor took a big stick and scraped a long line in the ground between us and him.

“This is The Line in The Sand,” he said.  “One side of it is for scared amateur Reality Travelers who are not ready to fully sacrifice themselves for their Calling.  The other side of it is for confident Trained Reality Travelers ready to face whatever hell or otherwise awaits them.  I want you to think long and hard about what The Line means, and when you are ready you may tell it who you are, say something awesome, and then cross over.”

Wolf was the first one to cross with a simple but deep howl.  The Professor waved smoking sage over him, said The Traveler Mantra, and then smiled.

Everyone took different amounts of time to think it over, and after everyone crossed there was only me on the other side still.  I kept thinking about what it would be like to be a Trained Traveler and how hard it would be and how you’d be expected to be good at it and not give up even if it was hell.  And then I thought about the Tom Petty song “I Won’t Back Down.”

Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” is a song about standing up. Sometimes you get in a situation in which The World tries to drag you down, but if you go too far down then you’re in The Underworld where you die, so if you want to live you have to keep standing your ground.

It made me think if Tom Petty can do it then I can do it.  And then I jumped with both legs over The Line in The Sand.

“I am The Bluebird,” I shouted, “a MusicMan Traveler who MeToos via The Great List of Old Songs, and you can stand me up at The Gates of Hell, but I won’t back down!”

Then The Professor waved his smoke all over me and said, “Be Brave Traveler and remember The Gods are on your side.”

And then I was an official Graduate of The Reality Travel Training School.