9.10 -The Trial

As soon as we got to the outside of The Trial some kinda Guard Gods noticed us.

“Look!” one said.  “It’s that FerryMan who’s always sneaking humans into The UnderWorld.”

Then they chased after him, but was he able to float quickly away into the darkness of the tunnel.  They easily grabbed me and Wings tho and drove us straight into the fire until we were inside The Trial.

Unlike other areas of The OtherWorld, The UnderWorld didn’t have any feelings, except Serious.  The rest was all ghosts, and fire, and Gods.  They were everywhere gathered in a big crowd looking down on a Human World-style courtroom with some kinda Judge God behind the big high bench, a little empty seat next to it, and a table in front of it where The Goddess of Faith sat facing them.  The crowd was pointing at her and whispering and a couple even yelled things at her like “gross!” and “pervert!”  Everyone made a big gasp and got quiet when The Guard Gods brought us in tho.

“What’s this living human and his vehicle doing in The UnderWorld?” The Judge said.

“He somehow got past The Guardian, and then that annoying but elusive FerryMan snuck him in,” a Guard God said.

“Why are you here?” The Judge asked me.

But before I could answer, someone from the crowd yelled out.

“Hey, it’s the human who Loved with The Pervert!” they said.

Then the crowd started pointing and laughing and shouting again.

“Order!” The Judge said and pounded his gavel.  “I think I see what’s going on here.  The human has come to bravely defend himself in person before The Trial.”

I shrugged.

“I’m moved by his courage,” The Judge said, “and I will allow him to take a seat at the Defendant’s table.”

Then the Guard Gods led me to where The Goddess of Faith was sitting.  They had her black striped prisoner tunic, and her wings were tied down in the back.  She looked at me and started crying right away.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I hadta break my promise because they threw me in jail.”

“Whatever,” I said.

You might think seeing her would maybe make us form the Bluebird’s Alright, Baby!! or make me believe in Reality Travel again, but none of those things happened.  I still had the Big Doubt just as bad as ever, so I just yawned, looked at the time, and wondered how much longer until Scorpion’s Pill Perception wore off.

“Let us begin now,” The Judge said.  “As you may know, I am the Honorable God of Judgment, the Judge, Lawyer, Jury, Eliminator, and Stenographer of this Trial to determine the Fates of The Goddess of Faith and The Bluebird, who stand accused of the crime of Love between God and human.  I will now call upon my first Witness…