9.11 – (Witness) The God of Gangrene

Then The God of Judgment called upon The Angel of Death known as The God of Gangrene.  He came out of the crowd and went up to the seat in the front, and The God of Judgment started asking him questions.

“Angel of Death,” he said, “why do you accuse The Defendants of this crime?”

“Because I saw them with my own eyes,” he said.

Then he told everyone about how we were at Valley Forge together and how he was watching us from the moment we got there including the part when we took our clothes off and showed each otherwhat Love is by getting as close to each other as possible.

“What proof do you have?” The God of Judgment said.

“I used my God Eyes Camera to record the entire thing,” Gangrene said, “Here, see for yourself.”

Then a movie came on a big screen behind him and started to show everything he said.  The crowd got louder than ever, going “ew!” and “disgraceful!” and “against nature!”  They even started throwing little balls of darknessat me and Faith.

“Order!” The God of Judgment hadta say again, “Let the record show that The Goddess of Faith has made Love with The Bluebird.  However, this is a fair Trial, and we must hear both sides of the story.  I now call upon my next Witness, The Goddess of Faith herself.”