9.14 – (Witness) The Goddess of Angels

Then The Goddess of Angels came out of the crowd and took The Stand.  She was like a bigger more important version of The Goddess of Faith with a long white dress and feathery wings and a golden halo that was shining so bright you couldn’t look at her for more than a second.

“The Goddess of Angels,” The God of Judgment said.  “When did you first meet The Goddess of Faith?”

“One day she came to me begging to be part of The Guardian Angel Corps.  She said she’d just quit being an Angel of Death, and didn’t want to see any more Realities get Destroyed forever in War ever again. She said she just wanted humans to feel Alright, Baby!  It moved me, and it was one of the best Angel Slogans I’d ever heard, so I hired her right away.”

“Is she a good Guardian Angel?”

“She is a great Guardian Angel.  She is always assigned to Music Travelers, and she’s not only soothed them out of doubt countless times, but she has also inspired them to write some of the greatest and most MeTooable songs on The Great List of Old Songs.”

“Did it ever seem like The Goddess of Faith liked humans a little too much?”

“All of my Angels Love humans in the way that you Love everybody no matter what.”

“Did she ever go too far intervening in The Travels?”

“Not at all, not until she was assigned to The Bluebird.”

“What happened then?”

“At first it was just normal.  I matched her up with the next new Music Traveler like always, but during her first summoning she ended up staying with him for an entire night instead of the standard few minutes.  Then she started watching him all the time, and ignoring some of her other Travelers. He would summon her all the time for the smallest things, and she’d come anyway, whether there was an acceptable sacrifice or not.  After awhile she even started coming on her own with no sacrifice at all.  She thought I wouldn’t notice, but I saw everything.”

“Did you see them try to show each other what Love is?”

“I did not see it until everyone else did just now, but I had my suspicions.”

“Has one of your Angels ever behaved like this before?


“Including The Goddess of Faith?”

“No, not until Bluebird.”

“How can you explain this?”

“I cannot.”

“Tell us what are the consequences for a God falling in Love with a human, especially a Reality Traveler?”

“A Guardian Angel is only supposed to give their Reality Traveler a minimal level of encouragement to keep things balanced.  If they are in Love they will not be able to help giving more than that and create an unfair advantage.  It only means something when humans are able to MeToo all by themselves.  Also, if the Love affair was to end for some reason it could do irreparable damage to the Angel’s or Traveler’s confidence.  It’s hard enough to keep good ones around as it is.  Either way it basically compromises the entire Show.”

“Did The Goddess of Faith ever cause The Bluebird to MeToo a Reality he wouldn’t have otherwise?”

“Yes, it was her idea to MeToo Wolf&Lamb’s Wedding AfterParty with a Bob Marley sing-along.”

“You ruined The Show!” the crowd yelled.

The Goddess of Faith was face down on the Defendant’s table. She was crying deeply like only a brokenhearted angel could.  But still I could feel nothing for her.

“Is it fair to say,” The God of Judgment said, “that The Goddess of Faith should be removed from her position or even Eliminated?”


“What?!” the crowd yelled.  “Eliminate The Perv!  Eliminate The Perv!”

“Why not?” The God of Judgment asked.

“Given the spotless record of The Goddess of Faith before she met The Bluebird, I can only infer he must’ve somehow seduced her.  If we give her another Traveler I am certain she’ll resume being a model Angel again, and if we give Bluebird another Angel he’ll only try to seduce them again.”

“Oooh!” the crowd said.

“Despite seducing an Angel and relying on her to MeToo,” The God of Judgment said, “is Bluebird otherwise a good Traveler?”

“No,” she said, “he has many weaknesses.  Despite his formal Training, he’s prone to just about every BoobTrap, such as an over fondness for Alone Reality, a tendency to get sucked into TimeWarps, a vulnerability to severe moments of Traveler Pride, and an unacceptable terror of New Realities.  Worst of all, he recently broke The Traveler Vow by causing two Realities’ faces to bleed.”

“Given the shortage of Reality Travelers, would we miss him if he was gone?”

“No, we accept that most Reality Travelers won’t make it for long anyway.”

Then The God of Judgment called out to the crowd.

“Are there any Gods here who have anything else to say on behalf of The Bluebird?” he asked.

The crowd looked around at each other for a moment until one God suddenly emerged and came down.

“God of The Road,” The God of Judgment said, “please take The Stand.”