9.16 – (Witness) The Goddess of Music

The crowd looked around, but The Goddess of Music didn’t appear.

“I don’t think she’s here,” someone said.

“That rebel,” The God of Judgment said, “always doing the opposite of what the crowd does.”

Then he summoned the Guard Gods.

“Go find her and bring her back at once, and if she resists tell her you have a Subpoena, and she’ll be thrown in GodJail again if she doesn’t come.”

Not too long later The Guards came back with The Goddess of Music, kicking and screaming that it was all “bullshit.”  She looked kinda like my Mom, except she had big spiky hair and was wearing a punk style black leather jacket over her tunic.

“Goddess of Music,” The God of Judgment said, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I hate Trials,” she said.

“Well, relax, The Trial isn’t for you this time.  It’s for The Bluebird, who I assume you know.”

“Never heard of him.”

“Really?  You haven’t heard of one of your MusicMan Reality Travelers?”

“Everyone thinks they’re a MusicManorWoman.  I don’t even pay attention anymore.”

“So you’re saying if he was a better Reality Traveler he might’ve gotten your attention?”

“What’s it to you?”

“Haven’t you heard, Music?  The Bluebird’s on Trial for Love with a Goddess.”

“That’s a stupid Rule.”

“I don’t have to justify The Rules to you, rebel, and you can just leave if you don’t have anything to say on behalf of The Defendant.”

“Maybe I do know him, but first I hafta know if can get in trouble for anything I say here.”

“You’re granted immunity for your own crimes if you give us any helpful information.”

“In that case, yeah, I do know The Bluebird.  When he was a baby I gave him The Gift.  I made it so he’d be awesome at singing anything off the Great List of Old Songs.”

“Have you been watching him on The Travels?”

“Not only have I been watching, but I’ve been helping him.  Yeah, that’s right!  I gave him the divine inspiration to know all the songs to put on The Great Trip Mix, and then I’d try to make those songs play at moments when he really needed a MeToo. The only time I fucked up was with The Radiohead song, cuz I forget it was supposta be “High and Dry” instead of “Creep.”  So sorry about that Bluebird.  But yeah, God of JERKment, I’ve been Intervening this whole time!  Haha, whatcha gonna do about it now?!”

“Shame on you, Music, how will we ever know whether The Bluebird was actually a good Reality Traveler or whether you were just carrying him?”

“Oh come on, we all know that the MeNotzies are way too strong now. I’m just evening things out. Besides a Reality Traveler is supposta have The Gods on their side right?”

“Yes, but how much is not for you to determine.”

“Whatever, if you really wanna know if he can MeToo anyone just listen to him sing.  He’s great.  He’ll give you all The Chills.”

“Alright then, I now call upon The Bluebird himself to take The Stand.