9.17 – (Witness) Me

Then I hadta go up and sit in the seat by The God of Judgment.  I got a close look at his white judge wig and big black gown and his red devil face.

“Sing for us, human,” he said.

But I didn’t feel like it.

“Did you hear what I said?  In a God Trial you have to do everything I tell you.”

I shrugged.

“C’mon,” The Goddess of Music yelled out, “don’t you wanna save your ass?”  Sing him ‘I Won’t Back Down’ or something.”

But I still didn’t.

“Why aren’t you singing?” The God of Judgment asked.

“What’s the point?” I said.

“The point is to decide your fate.  You could be Eliminated forever you know.”

“No, I won’t.”

“You don’t believe I have the power or the guts to?”

Then his eyes started glowing red and flames started shooting out of them right towards me.

“I won’t,” I said, “because none of this is actually real.”

“What do you mean this?” he said.

“The Other World, The Gods, The Trial…”

“Even me?”

“Especially you and your fire eyes.”

“But I’m right here talking to you.”

“You’re just a hallucination caused by Scorpion’s Pill.”

“What’s a Scorpion’s Pill?”

“It’s a Perception that’s sending chemicals into my brain, which is causing my imagination to seem real, but it’s actually not.”

“But you were a Reality Traveler before you took this Perception and you had to believe in The Gods.”

“I only did cuz it felt better to believe, but that only led to getting my ass kicked, and now I know the truth.”

“Why did you come all the way to The UnderWorld then?”

“I didn’t, cuz there is no UnderWorld.”

“This is so ridiculous,only a human could come up with it.”

“I don’t care what you think.  Pretty soon you’ll disappear, and me and Wings will be back on The Road in Kansas.”

“I’ve heard enough.”

Then he dismissed me and brought The Goddess of Angels back up.

“Goddess of Angels,” he said, “do you have any explanation for his delusional behavior?”

“It appears to be Big Doubt,” she said, “a BoobyTrap in which The Reality Traveler stops believin’ in Reality Travel anymore.  Most Travelers never recover from it.  Even more reason why we should just Eliminate him.”

“Could he snap out of it?”

“He has to Dig Down Deep and find a reason to believe, but I’m telling you he doesn’t have it in him.”

“Yes, he does!” The Goddess of Faith yelled out.  “Just give him a chance.”

“Crazy human! Crazy human!” the crowd chanted.

“Order!” The God of Judgment pounded his gavel.  “I’m ready to make my final Judgement!”