9.18 – The Judgment

“After considering all the Witnesses and Evidence,” The God of Judgment said, “I conclude that The Goddess of Faith and The Bluebird have broken God Rules by showing each other what Love is.  It is inconclusive who seduced whom and why exactly, yet both The Defendants have proven to have some value to us, therefore I will not Eliminate them at this time.  I do, however,sentence The Goddess of Faith to remain in Godjail, while The Bluebird is sentenced to The CrossRoads, where he will have to choose his own Fate.

The first direction will be the choice to continue to give in to Big Doubt and no longer be a Reality Traveler.  If he takes this route, it will be no good to The Gods anymore, and we will Eliminate him at once, in which case The Goddess of Faith may resume her duties as a Guardian Angel.

The second direction will be the choice to continue Loving The Goddess of Faith.  If he takes this route, he may mercifully be with her for one final act of Love, but because we will then not be able to trust that either won’t interfere with The Show, we will Eliminate them both.

The final direction will be a choice to continue Reality Travel but without The Goddess of Faith.  In this case, he will be assigned a new Guardian Angel, and The Goddess of Faith will be assigned a new Reality Traveler, and they will be forbidden to have any further contact.

The Bluebird will have a small amount of time to consider his decision, but once made, it will be final.”