The Reality Traveler is a book about Reality Travel. Reality Travelers are Called Upon by The Gods to Me&You the Realities of The World and prevent The MeNotzies from destroying them all with War. Bluebird is a MusicMan Traveler, fresh out of The Training, who embarks on a Great Trip across the country to his friends’ wedding, aiming to Me&You Realities along the way with The Great List of Old Songs. Standing in his way are all the Reality Travel BoobyTraps, like New Realities, TimeFucks, and Big Doubt. Fortunately Bluebird’s Guardian Angel, The Goddess of Faith, is there to soothe him with an OtherWorldly feeling known as It’s Alright, Baby! But will it be enough to overcome The BoobyTraps, The MeNotzies, and even The Gods themselves so that Bluebird may fulfill his duty as a Reality Traveler?