5.5 – Meeting up with El Puma

I parked Wings in the ALC parking lot and stuck my Bluebird Sticker on the inside of my jacket so it wouldn’t stand out too much, but I could still check it whenever I needed to. Then I went to The Dorms where I was supposta meet El Puma. I almost didn’t recognize him at first. He was standing outside, wearing a strange Adult looking suit and tie, and lacking his usual pouncing vigor.

“What are you wearing?” I said.

“They make me wear this for my job at the Major Financial Newspaper.”

“A what newspaper?”

“Major Financial.”

“What do you do there?”

“They say finance words in English, and then I tell them what those words are in Spanish.”

“Does it take a long time to do that?”

“Many hours, every day.”

“That sounds like an Adult job.”

“It may be. But living in NewYorkCity is very expensive, and I must admit I need their money.”

“My Gods, you must have The Malaise like crazy!”

“Yes, I am very fatigued all the time. I am hunting for a better job at a minor-financial newspaper in Just-Outside-County, where possibly I can be a Reporter-Man Traveler who MeToos via scoops. But they require me to have the American Driver’s License. This is why I was at the Department of Driving today.”

“Did you get it?”

“Unfortunately, no. I did not know enough of the American Rules of Driving, and the MeNotzies there would not let me pass.”

“Well, don’t worry, El Puma. The Reality Travel Cavalry is here, and it’s gonna be nothing but MeToos for the rest of the night.”

“Ah yes, this is what I was hoping for. I am happy you have time for me after Love with the Kat.”

“Actually, we didn’t end up Loving. In fact, I barely got out of there unscratched.”

“Oh no!”

“It’s alright. I was able to handle it all with The Always Be Your Own Reality & Roll with the Punches strategies.”

“Ah ha! I see you have picked up new terminology in The Training.”

“Yes, I’m like a whole new Traveler now.”

“And do any Reality Travel chicks Love you for this?

“Even better, I think an Angel may Love me for this. I just kissed her a few minutes ago.”

“Wow! An Angel. I never had a doubt this would happen to you, Traveler Jonathan.”


“I am thrilled for you to now meet my Mi Amor. She is inside. Shall we go in?”

“Yes, but we’ll hafta beware. As soon as we get close to the Past Realities of The Dorms we could be TimeWarped into acting like amateurish failures.”

“I do not know of this TimeWarp you speak of. But this is not so much past for me. I am still here almost every weekend to see Mi Amor.”


“But you will be alright?”

“Oh yeah, TimeWarps are nothing. You just need a good Grounding Device.”

I showed him the inside of my jacket.

“Grounding Device! I am lucky to have such an advanced Traveler with me tonight,” he said.

“Yes, you are.”

Then I took a good look at my sticker, and we went in.

4.2 – The Professor’s Training Lesson: Domination

“Beware of Domination,” The Professor said. “Domination is whenever a MeNotzie tries to force you to do something you know is not Right for your Reality. This can take many forms such as ridicule, argument, seduction, intimidation, or physical violence.

You may be tempted out of fear, shame, or MeToo Desperation to give in to The Domination. This may satisfy the MeNotzie, but the MeToo will not be genuine and it won’t count.

You may also be tempted to boldly resist, Fight Fire with Fire, and put the MeNotzie down. But this will only make the MeNotzie more impossible MeToo, and it might even lead to War.”

“When confronted with MeNotzie Domination, it is recommended a Reality Traveler use the two-step strategy known as Always Be Your Own Reality & Roll with the Punches. First you should never do anything that doesn’t feel Right for your Reality. Then you must accept any possible MeNotzie reaction to this. Even if the MeNotzie decides to use their arms and fists to punch your body, you must roll with them, continue to Be Your Own Reality, and not punch back. The MeNotzie may then go away or may punch even more, but just possibly they may end up MeTooing your Reality. And there is nothing sweeter than a genuine MeNotzie MeToo.